Meet Tier 4 Data Center: The Powerhouse of Reliability

Bersama Digital Data Centres JST, a Tier 4 & Tier 3 Data Center

Since 2020, Indonesia has been making significant progress towards establishing itself as a digital powerhouse, ensuring high reliability to access data on cloud anytime anywhere with more online users growing over the years to come.  

At the heart of making this ambition come true, Tier IV data centers are playing a huge role in making it happen. With their more advanced technologies and features to handle higher SLA powers, these data centers will assist Indonesia in improving its digital transformation as more online transactions, activities, and communications keep happening. 


The Role of Tier 4 Data Centers in Indonesia

With a rapidly growing digital user base and an increasing reliance on the digital space and activities, Indonesia will require many more facilities that can handle higher transactions, communications, and data values coming in and out of different platforms, anytime and anywhere. 

This is where Tier IV data centers will be able to assist the new digital age of Indonesia. 

One can consider Tier IV facilities to stand as the gold standard of reliability and operational excellence. As businesses and services increasingly rely on digital platforms, the demand for uninterrupted data processing and storage capabilities has never been higher. This demand highlights the critical role Tier IV data centers play in the new age of the global digital economy.

The High Power of Tier 4 Data Centers

Below is the technical table of different Tiers:


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Uptime (Minimum)                                                        





Downtime (Annual)

   <28.8 hours   

   <22.7 hours   

   <1.6 hours   

   <26.3 minutes   





or 2Nplus1

Concurrently Maintainable





Distribution Path                                                                                   



1 active - 1 alternative

Both active

Cost to Build





(Source from Dgtl infra, 2022 and

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As seen from the table above, Tier IV data centers can offer the highest availability and reliability system, designed to maximize the uptime power.

According to the Uptime Institute, an independent organization responsible for the proprietary Tier Standard & Certifications, Tier IV facilities are classified as "Fault Tolerant," meaning they can handle a single failure without affecting the critical load. This level of reliability translates to an operational uptime of 99.995% annually, allowing for no more than 26.3 minutes of downtime per year. 

However, some data centers like Bersama Digital Data Centres managed to achieve 99.999% SLA power despite being Tier III data centers. Thus, they are on par withTier IV data centers as well.

Such facilities have fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, etc.) to ensure maximum uptime and data integrity. The ability to perform planned maintenance without shutting down operations is a key feature that distinguishes Tier IV data centers from their counterparts.

The Importance of Tier IV in Today’s Digital Landscape


With the huge usage of cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics, robust and reliable data centers have come into the equation to handle large amounts of online data. 

It is no wonder that Tier IV is becoming one of Indonesia’s new solutions to handle higher volumes of data. These facilities support the complex requirements of high-transaction industries, ensuring that data is always available and transactions can proceed without interruption.




How Companies Benefit from Tier IV Data Centers
As businesses continue to expand their digital footprint and presence with rapidly updated data every minute, one would consider having data centers to store the evergrowing storage of information. 

For huge enterprises, having one that could stay awake 24/7 would perfectly fit their need, depending on the requirements. Additionally, the geographical distribution of data centers becomes a strategic consideration. 


Tier IV data centers offer organizations the confidence to deploy critical applications and services in any location, mitigating the risk of data loss or service disruption due to local power failures, natural disasters, or system faults. 

 ・  Risk Mitigation

Tier IV data centers are engineered to mitigate risks associated with data loss and service disruptions. Their built-in fault tolerance capabilities enable businesses to withstand various contingencies, from natural disasters to power outages, ensuring the integrity and availability of critical data.

・  Competitive Edge

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the reliability of a company’s online services can significantly impact its market position. By leveraging Tier IV data centers, businesses can deliver a seamless user experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and leading to increased market share and revenue.
There are in-town data centers like Bersama Digital Data Centers that are closer to the end users which can help the data center’s edge features. This geographical strategic location can help give end users better service in receiving data faster, not just because of the technology. 

・  Compliance and Data Sovereignty

Tier IV data centers provide an infrastructure for data processing and storage that complies with regulations for businesses subject to strict regulations. These facilities have the strictest security measures in place, as per the Uptime Institute standards, and are frequently situated in areas that comply with data sovereignty regulations, making compliance easier for companies.


The Future Is Here

Tier IV data centers are not just a luxury but a necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital era. They provide a robust foundation that supports uninterrupted service delivery, enhances risk management, and offers a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. As we look to the future, the role of Tier IV data centers in supporting the global digital economy will only continue to grow, solidifying their status as the powerhouse of reliability in the data center industry.


About Bersama Digital Data Centres


Bersama Digital Data Centres (BDDC) is a Tier III and Tier IV data center platform where local and global enterprises in Indonesia collocate and interconnect their digital infrastructure in one integrated ecosystem. Our sites are strategically located and highly interconnected in the Jakarta area, allowing digital enablers to operate their business functions seamlessly.