How TIER III Data Centers Enhance Your Business Continuity

Bersama Digital Data Centres, Tier III Data Center in Jakarta

In the hyper-connected world of the internet, where data is the new currency, having robust and reliable data centers is crucial for the continuity of businesses and services. Tier III data centers stand out in this digital landscape as the fortresses of data, offering an exceptional blend of redundancy, reliability, and operational sustainability. 

What is a Tier III Data Center?

The classification of data centers into four distinct tiers was established by the well-known international organization called Uptime Institute. The tiers range from Tier I, being the basic, to Tier IV, the highest level. 

Tier III data centers are designed to ensure high availability and operational efficiency. These tiers are a standardized methodology used to define the uptime of a data center. 

A Tier III data center is required to have multiple paths for power and cooling and systems in place that allow for any planned maintenance activity of power and cooling systems without disrupting IT operations. It offers a significant leap in reliability and service uptime compared to Tier II data centers.

The Uninterrupted Uptime Promise

The most significant advantage of a Tier III data center is its ability to offer an uninterrupted uptime of 99.982%, though some data centers like Bersama Digital Data Centres managed to reach an uptime of 99.999%. This is achieved through N 1 redundancy, which means that for every component needed for operation, there is at least one independent backup. In practical terms, this ensures that if any single piece of equipment fails or needs maintenance, there is always a backup system ready to take over, thus preventing any operational downtime.

Redundancy and Fault Tolerance

Redundancy is at the heart of a Tier III data center's design. It is not just about having backups; it's about having multiple, independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment. This infrastructure supports simultaneous, parallel power and cooling paths, creating a resilient environment capable of withstanding disruptions from human errors, equipment failures, or routine maintenance.

The Role of Maintenance

Maintenance is a reality for any operational facility, but in lower-tier data centers, it can mean downtime. Tier III data centers shine here, as they are specifically designed to allow for maintenance without affecting IT operations. This is known as Concurrent Maintainability, a feature that ensures that every capacity component and element of the distribution path can be removed and replaced without impacting the IT operations.

Security and Compliance

Tier III data centers are not only about technical specifications; they also encompass stringent security measures and compliance with various standards. These facilities are often certified to comply with rigorous industry standards such as ISO 27001 for information security management, making them a trusted partner for industries that handle sensitive data, including finance, healthcare, and government services.

The Economic Impact

Investing in a Tier III data center can be economically beneficial for businesses as they grow. The cost implications of downtime can be enormous, not just in terms of lost revenue but also in reputational damage and lost opportunities.

By ensuring continuous uptime, Tier III data centers provide businesses with the assurance that they can deliver uninterrupted services to their customers.

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Tier III data centers are the backbone of a robust IT infrastructure, providing an environment where operations can continue 24/7 without interruption. In our always-on world, they represent the pinnacle of reliability and efficiency, ensuring that businesses can thrive without the fear of data unavailability. They are the data fortresses that never sleep, guarding the information that powers the digital economy.

By choosing a Tier III data center, businesses can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their data is secure and that their services will remain uninterrupted, no matter what happens. This level of reliability is not just a luxury but a necessity in a world where even a second of downtime can have significant consequences.



About Bersama Digital Data Centres

Bersama Digital Data Centres (BDDC) is a Tier III and Tier IV in-town carrier-neutral data center platform where local and global enterprises in Indonesia collocate and interconnect their digital infrastructure in one integrated ecosystem. Our sites are strategically located and highly interconnected in the Jakarta area, enabling the cloud to function seamlessly to assist the operations of enterprises.